First  mobility in Rome

First mobility in Rome

February 2017

Stand up against bullying is an 18-month strategic partnership project supported through the Erasmus+ Programme,  with partners from 7 countries: Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy and Poland. The partners represent various stakeholders – schools, research institutes, universities, non-governmental organisations, in the best tradition of a trans-sectoral approach.

Between 12-16 February 2017, 14 representatives of each partner held meetings in Rome, Italy, to plan the upcoming activities and discuss details about management, visibility, promotion and each partner’s responsibilities. Among the things that were agreed on the meeting we count the upcoming exchange of staff and youth, setting up the visibility plan (creating a logo, a banner, a website, posters and flyers, etc.), discussing the promotion that every partner will do, as well as establishing the way in which the evaluation will be conducted.

Bullying is a topic that is rarely addressed and/or discussed in schools, and by joining this project we are hoping to bring the topic to the attention of teachers, school administrations and the students themselves, by participating in training, organising flashmobs, spreading informative flyers and overall monitoring the situation of bullying.

The next activity in the project will happen in April, in Kayseri, Turkey.


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