25th-29th June, 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


  • Italy- Laura Bianchi, Sara Terreni
  • Portugal- Carla Moreira, Helena Santos
  • Czech Republic- Dana Dlouhá, Martin Dlouhý
  • Poland- Dariusz Włodarczyk, Janina Franciszek
  • Turkey- Buket Durmuş, Ahmet Bakmaz, Nazmiye Yozgat, Cemal Yücel 
  • Macedonia- Elena Ceban, Ivana Simonovska


Day 1:

  • Welcome speech-Veronica Bogorin
  • Mutual drawing exhibition- Corina Bozbici
  • Expectations, fears, resources regarding this mobilitie- Corina Bozbici
  • The secret friend- with the purpose of increasing socialising during the meeting- Corina Bozbici
  • Coffee break
  • Workshop – personal development-qualities versus defects- Ruxandra Vasilescu
  • Workshop – personal development- our beliefs- Veronica Bogorin
  • In the afternoon we all visited the tourist attractions in Cluj-Napoca







Day 2:

International Conference, held at Grand Hotel Napoca- Foyer room. This conference was attended by school counsellors from Cluj county, teachers and principals from schools where activities from SUAB were implemented, students involved in the project and in the mobilities, representatives of Teacher Training Centre Cluj and partners from the other 6 countries.

After the welcome speech and the summary report from the host organization’s director, Ms. Veronica Bogorin, we heard from some of the school counsellors who implemented activities from the project in their schools and some of their students:

• Carmen Hârşan, Mărginean Alexandra and Bara Cătălina „Ioan Opriş” School, Turda- The Anti-bullying March


• Daniel Zdrâncu, Repede Antonio and Rusu Vlad „C-tin Brâncuşi” Technological High School, Dej- “Hurt Soul” (short film)

• Ramona Răducan, „George Bariţiu” National College, Cluj-Napoca- Activities-Stand up against bullying

• Lucia Alb, Poptelecan Briana, Timbuş Alex, Orzei Robert – „Victor Babeş” High School, Cluj-Napoca – Experiences from the Turkey Mobility

In the second part of the conference, the project coordinator from each country presented aspects from the implementation of the project and positive practice examples (bullying prevention or intervention programs, activities). As good practice examples from Romania, Ruxandra Vasilescu presented the National Educational Project “STOP Bullying- Say NO To Intimidation” and Ana-Maria Moldovan presented “Rights to my public image”- Educational programme and questionnaire for students.

The conference ended with an informal assessment in which we obtained maximum marks for organization and content.


In the afternoon we visited Turda Salt Mine.

Day 3 was dedicated to discussing the optimal way of writing the final report, correlated with the requirements of the National Agency and the mobility tool platform.

A short workshop took place, on evaluating tangible and intangible results of the project since the first meeting.

In addition, the strategies for handling the rest of the budget effectively to carry out dissemination and sustainability of results beyond the project cycle were discussed.

The day ended with the final evaluation, discussion of further common collaboration on different topics and the issuing of the Participation Certificates.