Portugal mobility – February 2018


Students and teacher of the project

Meeting with the parish’s priest’s representative -talking about religion and bullying

Discovering Arcos De Valdevez

Students of Epralima School


Meeting with the Mayor of Arcos de Valdevez at the municipality to introduce the project and get to know the educational profile of the schools in the town;

Visit to the library in Arcos de Valdevez


Epralima´s school board welcome speech and visit to the school of Arcos de Valdevez

Epralima School’s students at work!


At school!

Presentation about how to empower the use of positive behaviours for students, parents and teachers with an Epralima School’s psycologist


Example of how bullying works by our students – learning to recognize it and to fight it


We prepare our t-shirt for the game ” Sport against bullying”


Workshop on cyberbullying

Free time all together

Discovering new places with new friends


Our students preparing the scrapbook with items about the project


Presentation of students about bullying types and giving information about the frequency of bullying incidents around their school and town.

Turkish students


Macedonian presentation


Italian students


Romanian students during their presentation


Portuguese students


Discussing about behaviours and bullying


Sport against bullying – football match



Sport against bullying – Zumba class



Our team!!!

New friends!