Develi High School of Science


Founded in 2003, Develi High School of Science is a renowned high school with government-funded boarding facilities. Students all over the country with the purpose of accomplishment prefer continuing their high school education in our public high school. It is a well-known organization situated in a town of Kayseri called Develi. It was formerly a Teacher Training High School which delivers the necessary curriculum to students before their admission to Faculty of Teaching. Later in 2003, under the new regulation of the Ministry of Education, it was transformed into its current state by specially mastering in the sub-fields of Science and Mathematics. It has currently got 394 students, 50% of which are staying at student dormitories. The age of our students range from 14-18. They are enthusiastic and earnest teenagers in both academic and social areas. They take part in every local competition of literature, chess, volleyball and regional quiz shows.

As of now our institution ranks in a prominent position among  the most successful secondary schools of Kayseri regarding its academic achievements. Our teaching staff is diligent, innovative and friendly.

The organization gives students the priviledge of technology and sports through digitally-equipped classrooms with smart interactive boards and mini-pads to access relavant knowledge instantly. There is also a spacious PE hall to blow off their steam after an industrious day at school.

The school offers sports activities during the day for everyone and in the evening for the students staying at the dormitories. These activities include volleyball, football, pool, badminton and wrestling. At the weekends, musical instruments classes like saz and reed  are given for students interested in developing musical competences.

It prides itself on the use of technology and has been creating networks for numerous local, national and international projects. There are annual festivals of Spring and Summer held in the campus. There are Natural Jogging Days, Cinema-Concert and Literature Days for students. Also we arrange Pre-Exam Motivational activities to support our senior year students emotionally before university entrance exams.

Develi IMKB High School of Science has never carried out a European Project before but locally it has taken part in a few social projects so far to help students with disabilities, educational difficulties, economic obstacles, cultural differences and social obstacles by running campaigns about them. They have written compositions, prepared videos and made interviews with local people related to protecting the rights of others. With their leadership skills, our teachers managed and supervised these operations and led our students to the right resources to harvest the best results.