Cluj Napoca, Romania
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Offering high quality, individualized educational services to children/ students, teachers and parents in order to provide equal access to all to adequate education and the necessary assistance to ensure that

Ensuring access and keeping all students in mandatory education

Providing supplementary support according to psychological, individual and social needs of the students

Informing and counselling of teachers

Collaborating with all factors involved for the optimal integration of students

Involving parents- improving the school-family-community relationship

Developing studies, programs, projects

Children, students, young people

Parents, legal guardians

Teachers and school stuff

Members of the community

Psychological and pedagogical assistance

Language and communication therapy

School mediation

Consultancy for integrated education and support services

Psychological evaluation and career counselling

Initial and continuous training in collaboration with other institutions

Information and counselling for delinquency prevention


Chief Secretary

Financial administrator

County Center for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance: coordinator and 3 school counselors

87 school counselors

30 language therapists

Evaluation and career counselling service: psychologist, language therapist/ special needs teacher, social worker

The Committee for Career Orientation


Goal: evaluates children/ students/ young people in order to diagnose special needs and recommend a form of education and assistance/support.

The Evaluation and Career Counselling Service makes recommendations to the Committee for Career Orientation that decides on a form of education and assistance/support:

Integration in the general education system

Orientation towards special education schools

Home schooling

Hospital schooling

Educational alternatives (e.g. ”second chance school”) etc


Beginning secondary school”


Goal: reducing the impact of the transition from primary education to secondary education on the child and family

Target group: 4th grade students, their parents and teachers

Career counselling program for 7th and 8th grade students


Goal: analyzing the factors that contribute to the choice of an educational career path focusing primarily on 3 categories of factors:

– self-knowledge

– information about the educational offer of the schools

– decision making process

Career counselling program for 11th and 12th grade students

Goal: developing the competence to make conscious, realistic and adequate career choices

Program dedicated to kindergarten children, their parents and teachers

Target group:

Pre-schoolers in their last year of kindergarten

Their parents

Kindergarten teachers.

The main purpose of this educational program is preventing and reducing truancy in schools in Cluj County.